Travel Tips-How To Pack For Vacation

Today I have a different post for you. I told you that I am in Houston right now and I will go on two trips in June- Paris and Poland. Therefore, why not share some tips and advice on how I pack my suitcase ?

The first thing I think about is where I go and for how long. Makes sense, right ?
For me there is nothing worse than going on vacation in to a different country and being dressed unappropriately. For example when you go to Italy and plan to visit plenty of churches and cathedrals, take garments that are longer , because they won´t let you in to the church etc.
Then I start packing by taking out all the clothes I want to take and place them on my bed.

Picking  my clothes I have 2 strategies:
1) I plan different outfits. 
I take pictures of them how I would combine the garments to make sure that I don´t take things that match nothing and will just be a waste of space.
2) My second strategie is to take garments in basic colors like white, grey and blue. That´s what I did on this trip . Like that I can chose my outfits and make sure that almost everything matches.

Once you know what you pack, you can choose the shoes you´re going to take.
This chose depends in my opinion on what you´re going to do during vacation.
I ususally go for my converse and I also pack a pair of dressier shoes that I can wear to dinner or similar occasions. These are my go to shoes and I chose the rest based on the outfits I planned.

When I go on vacation by plane, I like to have all the important documents like my ticket and passport on one place so that I don´t need to look for them for ages. Therefore I bought a little purse where I keep all of these things.
The rest, I keep it in a crossbody bag or my Longchamp purse , that fits a lot and is easy to carry.

Last but not least , my outfit for the flight is very comfy. Especially when I have to take a long flight I like to feel comfortable the whole day. Therefore I usually go for a comfy pair of jeans and my converse and I always take a scarf in case the air conditioning in the plane is too cold , because nobody wants to get sick, right ?

So these are my tips, I hope some of these are useful and if you have other methods are any more tips, just leave them in the comments below so that we can all profit from them.

Have a nice Easter weekend guys !

xx Julia



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