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Sunday Afternoon Snack

Trying on this beautiful embellished striped shirt at Zara

So in love with this striped shirt you already saw in my haul from the states

My latest outfit on the blog

I won these movie vouchers for the movie The other woman

Black and Blue - Outfit soon on the blog

Flashback to my vacation in America- time flies

Haven´t worn these vans for a long time

Delicious breakfast before going to work

My favorite outfits from April- For the whole review click here

Mango sorbet and instyle on saturday afternoons

Outfit for a movie date with my mom - watched Divergent for the second time !
 Ohne viele Worte wünsche ich euch einen guten Start in die neue Woche. Hoffentlich hattet ihr einen besseren Start als ich.
Heute habe ich einen kleinen Instagram Post für euch. Folgen könnt ihr mir @itsjuliaxvi .
Wir sehen uns auf Instagram :)

Without a lot of words I wish you a good start in the new week . Hopefully you had a better start than I did !
Today I have an Instagram Post for you . I post pictures on (almost) a daily basis and you can all follow me @itsjuliaxvi.
See you there guys :)

xx Julia 



  1. Ach wie cool, dass du Tickets von "Die Schadenfreundinnen" gewonnen hast! :) Den will ich auch noch unbedingt sehen! ;)


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