New In From Houston, TX

Remeber that I went on vacation to Houston, TX a couple of weeks ago ? Well ... I couldn´t resist going shopping there so I have a new in post about the things that I bought in the states. I have to say, that I surprised myself and didn´t buy as much as I expected ( in the States, my shopping behaviour is uncontrollable haha ). Besides the things that you will see in this post, I bought some underwear at Victoria´s Secret - I hope you understand why I don´t want to show you that ... -, some DIY things, mascara and candy. I thought these are the most interesting garments so I´ll get into it without leaving too many words.

A striped t-shirt . Not that surprising right ? Whenever I buy a new striped shirt my friends already start to laugh, because they know about my obsession with striped garments. I found this one at Ross for 20$ and it´s from Polo Ralph Lauren and it´s 100% Cotton. Of course I had to take it home, right ?
You can never have too many white shirts, right ? That´s why I had to get this plain white tee at Forever 21. In my opinion, the lace detailing is just perfect for spring and summer and adds a girly touch to it.
I also bought some jewelry in the States as you can see. I already own several small golden rings, but since I mostly wear silver jewelry, I wanted to get a silver ring as well. I found this one at Forever 21 and I love to combine it with my second silver ring from Pandora. The stackeable bracelets are really great to make an armparty. They are cute to wear with all different kinds of other bracelets and they were 50 % off at Express. Usually, I don´t wear lipstick, but I found this L´Oreal Lipbalm which gives some color to your lips and cherishes them at the same time.
Isn´t this Harrods iPhone Case super adorable ? It was love at first sight and I just had to get it when I had a stop in London on my way back to Germany. I think it´s super cute and girly and perfect for summer. This case showed me once again that everything happens for a reason. I wanted to buy a Marc by Marc Jacobs phone case at Ross for 16$ , but when I came to the store they didn´t have it anymore. Now I know why, because this case looks much better.
You guys already know this purchase I made in New Orleans: my new Toms espandrilles.
I tried to find a pair of shoes when I went to the Galleria Mall in Houston and they didn´t really have any that I liked so I ended up buying some from Maddengirl for 24$. They were the same style like these toms , but with stripes all over in different colors. At the beginning I was really happy about the purchase, but I just had the feeling that I would´t wear them so much. Does this sound familiar to you ? And when I saw these in New Orleans I knew that THEY are the one´s and the next day I returned the others.

I hope you guys liked this small US Haul and stay tuned for more outfits and other posts !

xx Julia



  1. Oh, ich liebe den Pulli!
    Die Blumen sind btw auch toll :)

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Nürnberg


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