I love reading all year around - and luckily, I got back into it after graduating from high school- but I feel like the colder season is predestinated to be spent under a blanket with some tea and a good book. I already shared my Summer Reading List with you back in August, so I thought it would be great to give you a feedback on some books I talked about in that post and also introduce some new ones. Would you like me to make this a frequent thing? Let me know in the comments and feel free to leave your book suggestions!

Let´s start with the book I read first. I stumbled upon this one through several blogs that were featuring it in their reading lists. Therefore, I had quite high expectations for it.
The protagonist of the book is Mae Holland, who just got a job at "The Circle", the world´s most powerful internet company. Mae quickly becomes of the best newies in her department and after an incident, her role at the Circle becomes increasingly public and important as well. The novel deals with topics such as privacy, democracy and transparency through social networks in a very interesting and especially alerting way.
I would say, that it is not an easy read, as I always needed some time to digest what I´ve just read. With this also came, that to me, it wasn´t a true page turner until I reached the last 100 pages.
Nevertheless, it is a bestseller with great reviews, so even though I cannot recommend this one 100%, loads of other people can. 

This one has been on my reading list for a while before I found the time to actually read it.  As I already featured this one in my Summer Reading List and talked about the content there, I will keep this part short and sweet on here, so if you want to know more about the story, head over here.
My Paris Dream follows Kate Betts` path from graduating at Princeton to becoming a Vogue editor. Most of the memoir takes place in Paris, so it is spicked with french slang, illustrations and photographs to draw an authentic picture of the Paris at the time. It is an easy read, nevertheless, really interesting and inspiring to see how Kate Betts worked her way up to the top through hard work and determination. Also, I loved that you can learn something about the era it takes place in, the Paris of the 1980´s, the change in fashion and the fashion industry as well. I can highly recommend this one, when you are into fashion just like me!

Same for this one, I already featured it in my Summer Reading List, so head over here for more info about the content. 
The novel deals with the mysterious death of a famous model, whose brother hires detective Cormoran Strike as he doesn´t believe that his sister committed suicide.
With it being from Joanne K Rowling, I was really excited for it. I rarely read criminal novels, but I think the Cormoran Strike series Rowling created will get me back into reading crimnal novels. Of course, it was more a less a no-brainer that I would like the writing style of Robert Galbraith/ Joanne Rowling. One aspect of the novel that I really liked is, that not a single suspect was mentioned throughout the investigation process which increases the tension and also made Strikes way of investigating very interesting. Also, the reader knows just as much as Strike does, so reading Strikes theory who the killer is at the end of the novel is just mind-blowing, because let me say so much: I didn´t expect the end at all! To conclude, I would say, The Cuckoo´s Calling is quite an easy read, mind-blowing, gripping and defenitely worth reading.
I am actually excited to read the second part of the Cormoran Strike series.

I guess, you all heard about this one by now, especially with the movie having been in the cinemas a few months back.
For those of you, who haven´t heard of it: Me before you is about Louisa Clark who starts working for Will Traynor, who is quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident and has lost his desire to live. Neither of them know, that they are both going to change the live of the other for all time.
I started reading this book, knowing how it will end and I still really enjoyed reading it. I love Jojo Moyes style of writing, as it is really easy to follow along and you turn page after page without noticing that you´ve just read 100 pages in a row.
I can really recommend this one, although I lost some tears while reading it and the end is quite emotional. Apart from all the emotions and tears, it was defenitely a funny and eye-opening read as well and the second book is already on my reading list for autumn and winter.

This one has sat on my bookshelf for the longest time and I only got around reading it by the end of summer. Garance Doré shares her thoughts on a very wide range of topics that cover the likes of beauty, fashion, photography, love, life in NYC and Paris, how she became successful etc.
It was defenitely an easy read, but really inspiring at the same time. I loved reading her story of how she became successful which was particulary interesting. Her style of writing is very approachable, easy going and Love, Style, Life is entertaining and funny as well. I loved the book, also because of the beautiful photography and illustrations inside, and it is great for a relaxing Sunday afternoon with a cuppa!

- After you by Jojo Moyes
- Capture your Style by Aimee Song
- The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
- The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman
- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 



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