I´m starting the new year here on the blog in a very cliché way: saying how fast the last year has passed and at the same, sharing my resolutions for 2017 with you.
I´ve never been a person for new year´s resolutions, because I find it a bit silly to start making changes simply because a new year has started, but this time around, I unconsiously had some goals and resolutions in my head - some things I would have also liked to change if it wasn´t the first week of january! So here we go: my 6 New Year´s resolutions. What are yours? 

1. Develop a fitness routine
All throughout my school years, I had a pretty fixed fitness routine which included dance practice once a week, volleyball twice a week and 2 hours of sports class at school. So when I graduated from school and moved to Pforzheim a few months later, my fitness routine had (and still has) to suffer a lot - unfortunately! And after standing on a scale last week and having a rather big shock, I defenitely need to start working out more, not just for loosing some weight, but also, to have a more balanced life.

2. Use my time more effectively
This one became especially obvious during the last few weeks while studying a lot. It usually takes me an hour in the morning to get ready. Don´t get me wrong, it´s not because I need a lot of time in the bathroom, I just spend some time on my phone and do a million other unnessecary things. So especially with my exams coming up, I will try my best to reduce the unnessecary time here and there to be more productive or even have some more free time.

3. Spend more time offline
This one more or less complements my second resolution. Although, compared to others, I am still not on the phone that much and I have no problem leaving my phone untouched for 6 hours in a row, I still spent a lot of time checking my insta feed or watching youtube videos. I will start by trying to make it a habit, to put away my phone entirely when doing something for university- hopefully, I will be able to save some time like this as well, which is perfect for my next goal!

4. Read one book a month
This is one that has been on my list in 2016 as well. I´ve read more than the year before, but it still sometimes took me 2-3 months to read a single book. My parents gifted me the new Harry Potter book for Christmas and I´ve read in a single day. I sat on the couch for hours and couldn´t stop reading - which is something so relaxing and I love doing! I believe one book a month defenitely is an achievable goal and I will start with "After You" by Jojo Moyes, the sequel to "Me before you". 

5. Pay more attention to fair fashion alternatives
Of course, with a student´s budget, it´s easier said than done to buy more fair fashion clothes. But after some research, I decided I want to focus on fair fashion basics, because they can usually be found with a price tag not much higher than the "fast fashion" alternative. This will probably be a tough one, as there are so many tempations waiting on the high-street, but let´s see how my closet looks at the end of the year.

6. Spend more time outside at the fresh air
This one might be an odd one, but since moving out of my parents home to a new city, it has happened to me already multiple times on the weekends, that I haven´t left the flat even once the entire day- which is a shame! So I will try to make it a habit, to go for a sunday walk or maybe even go for a run outside, when the weather calls for it. Especially during my exam preparation in the next few weeks, this one will be great to distract myself from uni and be more balanced. 



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