Looking at the weather outside right now, one can defenitely say, that spring has arrived - 15 degrees, sunshine and ice-cream in the park it is. My weekend started early on Friday and - although I had stuff to do inside - I managed to go for a walk (and today even a run) ever single day. Weather like this just makes me happy.
Talking about stepping into spring. It is also time to prep our wardrobe with some new spring clothes. Those who follow along on insta might have spotted my DIY floral embroidered jeans already (see the picture here). They are something that I am probably going to wear all the time. I found these Topshop ones for all of you, who are not into DIYing your own pair.
On Friday, it was also time again, to take out my leather jacket out for a walk. At 12 degrees and sunshine, it´s the perfect companion with a sweater underneath. However, this blush pink version from Mango would make every outfit a bit more spring friendly - compared to a black one - don´t you think?
Something I am also looking forward to is wearing my beloved Toms espadrilles again. I bought them in 2014 and, although they are still as good as new, I would love to add these white crochet ones to my shoe collection as well. I love wearing my white converse in summer (or rather all year around), but these ones would make the perfect summery alternative. What do you think?



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