I haven´t shared an outfit on here for ages (which is a shame, considering that I started this blog only sharing outfits), but due to my wardrobe dilemma, which I talked about last week, I was really uninspired and didn´t have a cool outfit to show. Ever since, a couple of pieces made it into my closet: one impulse purchase, something I´ve looked for for a long time and something that saved me during winter - all of them combined in this outfit!

THE IMPULSE PURCHASE aka the blush pink turtleneck sweater from Mango: Some of you might remember this sweater from last year, when a lot of bloggers sported it. I loved it back then, but 50€ were simply too much in my opinion, so I never got my hands on it. Until January, when Jasmin aka Madametamtam mentioned the sweater in a favorites video and said, that it can be found in the Mango Outlet Store (how come, I didn´t know that it even existed?!) at 60% off. Of course, I immediately looked for it online and there it was, for 22€ waiting for me to hit the order button - which I of course did, immediately! It arrived a couple of days later and I´ve been wearing (and loving) it ever since.

THE ONE I`VE BEEN LOOKING FOR FOR A LONG TIME aka a pair of coated jeans: I think in a couple of cravings posts, I´ve already featured a pair of black coated jeans. I think that they are a great alternative for simple black skinny jeans. Due to the leather look, they give a little something to outfits while still looking really effortless. At the beginning, I wasn´t quite sure, whether they were too "sexy" or not, but I think for a day to day outfit combined with knitwear and sneakers, it makes a perfect match. By the way, these were an absolute lucky find, as I found them on Sale on Asos and they fit like a glove.

THE ONE THAT SAVED ME DURING WINTER aka the white Veja Sneakers: These have already made an appearance in my "Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Essentials", but never made it into an outfit post, which is a shame, because I´ve worn them to death during the last couple of months. I´ve bought them in November as more or less a winter appropriate alternative to my white Converse. It took them about a week to get comfortable, and ever since, they have been on my feet whenever the temperatures allowed it.  I absolutely love them plus, they are Fair Fashion which makes them even cooler.  Also I love the burgundy detail on them, which makes them more unique and as you should know by now, I am a sucker for all things burgundy. By the way, they are currently on sale here!

On another note, I finally bought myself my own camera, as I´ve been using my Dads DSLR for the past years and it was about time to get my own especially with me not living at home anymore. After loads of research, I decided on the Olympus Pen EPL7 and so far, I love it!



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