Since moving into my own apartment in Pforzheim last year, I don´t have a TV. To me, it wasn´t even a question whether I was going to buy a TV for my room or not. To be honest, even at home, I only rarely watch TV, because most of the TV series that I love, I can/have to watch online. With my family, we have amazon prime, where you can watch loads of movies and of course, I convinced them to get a family Netflix account as well. Ever since, Netflix and I are besties!
My love for TV shows started in the early days (probably around age 8-9), when I watched Schloss Einstein every single day after school. Of course, the type of series I watch have changed, but I am still hooked. Apart from the obvious like Grey´s Anatomy or Pretty Little Liars, I´ve recently started binge-watching several series on Netflix, that I want to share with you today.

13 Reasons Why:
By now, you´ve probably all heard about 13 reasons why. It deals with Hannah Baker, a High School girl who records 13 tapes to explain why she committed suicide which she sends to 13 people, each of them being one of the „reasons why“. Apart from it, being a great TV show, the topic of bullying at school and suicide is really important nowadays and should be something we all care about. This show shows in a disturbing way, how small comments about/to certain people which we say recklessly can mean the world to them - and destroy it. 

This show is for all the fashionistas out there! Those of you, who have read the best-selling novel „Girlboss“ by Sophia Amoruso, founder of the online store Nasty Gal, know what this is about. Girlboss retells the story of how Sophia started her business Nasty Gal by selling vintage clothes on Ebay and made it into one of the fastest growing online stores. I ´ve watched this one within 2 days and it´s great entertainment, but of course, it only retells the story „real loose“. Nevertheless, it was really inspiring and motivating watching Sophias business grow.

How to get away with murder:
I started watching this show last year, but somehow, I never really got into it. Until about a month ago, when I finished watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and I needed something new. How to get away with murder is about the lawyer Annalise Keating, who selects 5 of her law students to work with her, helping people to get away with murder. Although I am not a law student, it is really interesting and entertaining as well to see how, case after case, Annalise Keating manages to win in court even when the situation seems hopeless. At some point, you just can´t stop watching, I promise!

The Crown:
Most of you probably don´t know that I really liked history class in school and if I wasn´t studying business administration, I´d probably be studying English and history to be a teacher. I´ve always liked books that were set a century ago, and the British royal family is a suspect of interest for many as well. The Crown is about Queen Elizabeth II and how she has to find her way, to rule a country as a young woman in a rather man dominated world. Of course, the show is supposed to be entertaining as well, so you shouldn´t  believe everything happening here, but it was great to watch and I secretly hope, that there is going to be a second season at some point.

Did you know, that I also like fantasy movies and books? The show “Shadowhunters” is based on a book series written by Cassandra Clare about Clary, an 18 year old girl living in New York, who has to finds out, that she isn´t a regular person, but a Shadowhunter, when her and her mothers apartment is attacked by demons. Together with some new-found Shadowhunter friends, she embarks on a mission to find her mother and learn what it means to be a Shadowhunter. This might not be everyones cup of tea, but you should definitely give it a try. Fun Fact: Do you remember the movie “City of Bones”? That movie was also based on the same books, but after the movie, they decided to make it a TV show, which I think is a much better fit.



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