So, it´s finally my favorite time of the year: it´s not quite summer yet, but on some days, still warm enough to go to the swimming pool (like last weekend) and on others, you are perfectly fine going out with some jeans and a t-shirt. That means one thing: You can finally take advantage of all the clothes in your closet while not having to put a jacket over everything, but at the same time, it´s not so hot that you want to put on as little as possible. In others words: I am really inspired right now and I have so many outfit combinations in my head. Thanks to the new Instagram feature, where you can save certain pictures, I came with the idea of showing you my current fashion inspiration aka the pictures I saved on there (and pinterest).

Some flowy pants or culottes have been on my summer wishlist for quite some time. After spotting some plissee ones on Vicky Heiler last year, I really wanted to get my hands on some. They are so convenient when it comes to dressing weather appropriate. On most days, it it too cold in the morning to go barelegged, but in the afternoon, it´s way too hot to wear some jeans. This problem is solved with some airy culottes. I found these at H&M two weeks ago (I wear a size S in them, so defenitely size down!) and I am wearing them all the time. They are as comfy as my pyjamas - how amazing is that?! - and yet really cool and especially easy to style!
I´ve talked about my love for red on here before (like in this post) and -shame on me- I haven´t stocked up on any red pieces yet. I´ve been looking for a red and white striped tee, but the perfect one from Zara has always been sold out. A red silk scarf is also on my wishlist! I think it´s such a nice detail to wear on your bag, neck, hair - anywhere really.

One thing I am really craving right now in my closet is a denim skirt. Unfortunately, I got rid of mine last year, so now, I am desperately trying to find one that I like. I am living in denim cut-offs during summer, so why not changing things up a bit with a denim skirt. Personally, I think they look really effortless with some sneakers or espadrilles and are really cool to style in general. What do you think about this trend?
Last, but not least, something quite unusual for me. Just a couple of months ago, I used to say that yellow is one my least-favorite colors - just like green. But that has completely changed! I´ve seen so many yellow pieces on Instagram during the last couple of weeks that I really want to get something in this color. Maybe I´ll start with a yellow t-shirt, but secretly, I am loving the look with the yellow blazer, black jeans and white tee. So simple, yet so cool and stylish!



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