With summer in full swing, it´s also time to get your feet out in some pretty sandals. Somehow, I am not the biggest fan of sandals. I can´t really pin this fact on one thing, but I guess, I am not the biggest fan of my feet, but at the same time, I haven´t found some comfy yet stylish sandals that you can walk in all day, every day. That hasn´t been such a big problem for me with all the espadrilles on the market, but for some more summer feelings, I made it my mission to find some sandals, that are comfortable, but of course, I wasn´t willing to compromise on style. I thought you should benefit from my search as well, so today, I´m sharing my favorite 5 pairs with you - one of them even made it into my shopping bag and is currently on it´s way to me.

WAREHOUSE slides with ring detail: Slides are everywhere right now, and a few weeks ago, I laid my eyes on some royal blue satin ones with a bow from Zara, but unfortunately, they are not available in my size. These, however, also look really cool with the ring detail, don´t you think?

MARC O´POLO gladiator sandals: These are a favorite! I love the amount of straps and I think they would be really comfy, yet stylish. However, the price tag (90€) put me off a bit. Of course, 90€ is not the world to spent on some shoes, and for winter boots, I would totally spent 100€, but for sandals, that was a bit too heavy, especially with a student´s budget.

JANA black strap sandals: I know the brand Jana from my mom - it´s not the most stylish brand out there (let´s be honest), but it´s their mission to guarantee 100% comfort, which is exactly what I was looking for. When I found this pair online, I knew that comfort and style could go hand in hand. There were sold out in my size everywhere, but yesterday morning I got lucky and scored the last pair when they came back in store. Lucky find!

MINELLI studs sandals: I love the simple design of these, especially with the studs - such a nice detail. If only the sole was a little bit thicker...

PIER ONE plateau sandals: Another favorite. Something completely different from what I use to wear, but I love the plateau look combined with some espadrilles vibes! Such a great design. If the other pair wasn´t on its way already, I would order these in a heartbeat.



  1. I also saw something similar on H&m and I remember I thought how cute they were!


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