Stepping out of our comfort zone is something we should all do from time to time. While I try to leave my comfort zone every once in a while in real life, I think I rather like to play it safe when it comes to fashion.
Thinking about it, that doesn´t really make sense because trying something new clothing wise doesn´t come with high risks - unlike stepping out of your comfort zone in real life (at least in some occasions). About 3 weeks ago, however, I was ready to dip my toes into something new: culottes! Of course, this trend has been here for a while, but with raising temperatures, I was craving some flowy and light pants (I´ve already talked about this in this post). At the beginning, I was unsure about how I could combine these culottes and whether they would fit me and my style. They are something completely different from what I usually wear! But I think I made it work with some trusty basics like a white tee, my floral bomberjacket ( I can´t believe that I haven´t showed it on here because it´s probably currently my most worn jacket!) and - of course - white converse. I think this outfit would also work really well with some white crochet espadrilles, but I was too afraid they would get ruined by the location we shot these pictures in.

DIY bag



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