Last year, shortly before I moved into my place in Pforzheim, I shared some interior inspiration on here which you guys quite liked (find the post here). About one year later, I am sharing some interior inspo again, this time however, for my room at home.


When moving out, I took most of my decor (=frames, pictures, trinkets etc) with me, so for the last year, I didn´t really like my room back home because you could see, that I didn´t put much love into the decoration- of course, I don´t spend much time here during the semester, but this time around, I am here for almost 3 months, so I made it my mission to spice things up a bit and make my room more homely without breaking the bank. Since I won´t be buying any new furniture, I will just change my color theme a bit and add some prints, wall decor, and some plants as well.


I wanted my room at home to look a bit more mature, but of course still me, so I picked a color theme of white, blush pink tones, greenery, light grey and some gold accents. Since my furniture is not white, but wood colored, I want to add as much airy and light things as possible instead of more tan shades, because my room only has one window which makes it not the lightest off all rooms and to be honest, I also love my white furniture in Pforzheim. On Monday, I convinced my dad to paint my light purple walls white which already makes the room so more airy. A trip to IKEA with one of my best friends is already planned and what is on the shopping list: Some new cushions, frames and lots of greenery. I will defenitely keep you posted how things go with my mini room makeover.

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  1. These photos look so cute and inspirational!!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris


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