Gingham is everywhere right now. I feel like Gingham is one of those patterns that is never completely gone from the world of fashion. In some years, it´s just more prominent than in others. This year around, it is very prominent.

Walking inside a store, you can immediately spot several items with this classic print. While I am not someone to dive head first into trends, I really like gingham though, because I feel like it fits really well with my wardrobe. A black and white top simply always works. When it comes to the latter, I am usually stuck with black and white striped tees, so I thought adding some gingham into my closet would be a nice change. I actually got the idea for this top from this one from Edited. I just loved the cut of it, but I felt like you can make it yourself for some much less - and I was right! So let´s get started.


  • 1,20 m of gingham fabric 
  • needles and white threat 
  • sewing machine 
  • scissors 
  • crochet hook

1 Start by creating a template for the top. I had a similar top in my closet already, so I layed it out flat on some paper and traced the shape of it. Cut it out and place it on your fabric. Then cut it out with about 1,5 cm seam allowance.
When creating a template using a piece of clothing you already own, I always like to make it a little bit bigger to make sure I have enough fabric. You can always make things smaller, but not bigger!

2 Do the same thing for the back part of the top.

Lay out your front and back piece with the two right sides facing each other. Then pin them together on both the right and the left side and sew along the edge of the left and right.

4 To create the overlapping part of the top, lay out your template again and use it as an orientation. The top of the template stays the same ( both the front and back template) but to create a small ruffle effect, the left and right sides won´t go down straight, but expand just like on the picture on the right.Do this for the front and back part of the top. Concerning the length: I made the ruffle 30cm long.

5 Once you cut out the overlapping part for the front and back, pin the overlapping front part to the front and do the same for the back as well. When pinning everything together, bare in mind, that once you flip over the overlapping part, the seam should be invisible and the right side of the fabric should be visible (look at the picture on the left for guidance!). To make everything nice and neat, fold over the overlapping part and sew along the edge once again for visible seam on the outside.

6 To make the straps, cut out either one rectangle of 7cm width and 80cm length or two rectangles of 7cm width and 40cm lenght. This will be enough to cover both straps.

7 Fold the rectangle(s) in half with the two right sides facing each other and sew along the edge with a seam allowance of 1cm.

8 Now it´s time to turn around the long strap we´ve just made, so that the seam is on the inside and the right side of the fabric on the outside.
I used a crochet hook and tied the end of the threat around it.

9 Then, threat your crochet hook through the strap always pushing down the fabric that is gathering at the bottom of the hook. Once the crochet hook comes out at the other side, the strap will be ready with the right side on the outside. To make them nice and neat, I usually iron the strap once.

10 To avoid fringed edges, sew along the edge where the overlapping part and front part are sewn together with a cross stitch.

11 Now it´s time to add the straps. I think this is done best by pinning them on to the back and then trying on the top. Like this, it is easy to find the perfect length for the straps. Once you put on the top, secure the straps on the front with some pins. To secure the straps, sew over the strap a few times and that´s done.

12 Cut the overlapping part at a length that you like (mine is 24cm long) and fold over the edge twice. Then, sew along the edge as pictured on the right to secure it.

13 Last, but not least, do the same thing for the bottom of the top. Determine how long you want the top to be and then fold it over twice and sew over it. To avoid fringing, sew along any raw edges with  cross stitch and you are done!

Although this doesn´t seem like the quickest of all DIYs, I actually made this top in one afternoon! Also, it´s quite easy to make and when you chose a 100% cotton fabric, it´s also really easy to handle. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one and whether you have any wishes what I can make in the coming weeks!



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