When reading other blogs, one thing I still like the most are outfit posts. To me, they are just the cornerstone of most fashion and style posts and possibly the most inspirational for everyday life. 

I started this blog with mainly outfit posts and a few DIYs thrown into the mix, but lately, I thought that simply talking about my outfit doesn´t really have any value added for you, because let´s be real: my outfits aren´t the most exciting out there. They are just what I wear on a daily basis and that just doesn´t include any fancy heels or an outrageous coat. Therefore, I thought about combining an outfit post with my july favorites to make things a bit more interesting. I´m desperate to know how like this "upgrade" to a usual outfit post, so please let me know in the comments.
Of course, I cannot go through this outfit post without loosing a single word about my outfit, so without much rambling, let´s get to that part:
When putting this look together, I started with the skirt (find the DIY post with a step-by-step guide here). I love the color combination of red and white, so I kept the outfit in these colors. The skirt is a statement on its own, so I went with a white blouse and white espadrilles to keep things simple. Because all good things go by three (colors), I added my old - and also a tad bit shabby - black Patrizia Pepe bag with it and the outfit was done, just like that. I am not such a huge blouse person, because I always feel a little bit too dressy in them, but I love how the knotted blouse looks together with the skirt!

But now, we´ll get to the favorites part! This is probably also the time to say, that I cannot believe it´s already August and that July passed in a whim.

But to be honest, with the first two weeks being packed with 7 exams and the last two weeks relaxing at home, the exams feel so far away already.

TOMS ESPADRILLES: I bought my first pair of Toms in 2014 in New Orleans, when visiting my host family from my semester abroad (check out this and this New Orleans Post for a real throwback thursday wednesday) and they are one of the most comfortable summer shoes I own, so this year, it was about time to get a second pair. I´ve been eyeing up these white lace espadrilles for months, and back in March, when I saw that they were on sale on Asos for only 30€, I ordered them immediately. But it was a true hussle afterwards. First I received a pair of pink nikes in size 36, then, a week later, I finally received the shoes I ordered, but they were too small. Sent them back and waited for 3 weeks for them to come back in stock half a size bigger and then, they finally arrived 30 minutes before leaving to Munich with my family. In the process, a few times the thought came up that all these complications mean that me and the shoes should just not happen, but I am really glad I have them now. They are super light and extremely comfortable and due to the lace, great for the summer. Of course, white lace is not the easiest to take care of, but they are holding up very nicely. The love story has a happy ending and the espadrilles and I will live happily ever after.

BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty: In one of my last posts, I talked about a few books that are on my reading list right now - including Big Little Lies. I finished the book on Monday and it was amazing. I love Liane Moriarty´s writing style and the way she builds up suspension in the course of the book. From the first page on, I was hooked and up until a few pages till the end, I had no clue how things are going to end. It really is such a great read and I cannot recommend you the book enough. Now, I really need to watch the TV series as well, because that is supposed to be a cinematic masterpiece with the protagonists being Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley - yep, a show with such an amazing cast can only be one thing: amazing.

MANHATTAN ALL IN ONE LIPSTICK in ULTIMATE CHERRY 560: When it comes to lipstick, I usually stay with nude shades that fall into the category of "your lip color but better". However, for a fancy dress party at uni with the theme "Movienight", I went as Sandy from Grease and therefore, I was in need for a bright red lipstick. I quickly went to the drugstore and picked up this red lipstick and I got lucky the first time around. I think the color suits me and my skin color really well and love wearing it with an all black outfit or for going out. I have to say, when drinking and eating, it doesn´t stay on the entire night, but can that be expected from a Lipstick? Nevertheless, I love it, it´s super affordable and I already got a couple of compliments when wearing it, so I am a happy girl.

AXYL JEANS: My love for denim is not a secret and I live in denim most days. After seeing these jeans on Lizzy Hadfield from Shotfromthestreet and also Anna from TheAnnaEdit about 2 months ago, I absolutely loved the look and a month ago, I finally hit order and ever since, I wear them to death. They come up to a nice high, without them being too high waisted and they have a straight leg, while still being quite skinny on the leg. The frayed edge does the rest and the denim is not too stiff and just about right for them to be incredibly comfortable. They do become loose when wearing them for a couple of times, so they have to be washed a bit more frequently, but that certainly doesn´t keep me from wearing - and loving!- them. With them only being 55€, they are also quite affordable and they are also available in 7 washes, one of them even on sale! I might have to order a second pair soon!

RIVERDALE: Last, but not least, I have a TV show favorite. In the end of june, I was finished with most of the shows I watch on Netflix, so I started with something new: Riverdale. I didn´t expect to get hooked on it, otherwise, I wouldn´t have started to watch it a week before exams start, because that can indeed be very dangerous. Beforehand, people told me that it was a mix of PLL and Gossip Girl and since I love both, I was excited to watch it - and (unfortunately), I did get hooked on it within a few episodes. If you don´t know what it is about: After the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, the little town Riverdale is forever changed. A dead body was never found and it seems like his twin sister Cheryl Blossom knows more about the death than she says. At the same time, Veronica Lodge is new to the town and becomes friends with Betty, Archie and Jughead. They are in High School and together they have to struggle with different needs and the death of their class mate. It might not sound like the most amazing tv show and it defenitely is a "light" watch, but it is really gripping and Cole Sprouse is nice to watch as well.



  1. Oh, dieser Rock ist unglaublich schön :) Und in Kombination mit der geknoteten weißen Bluse sieht er einfach perfekt aus! Sehr gelungener Look :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Svenja von svenjasparkling.blogspot.de

    1. Dankeschön! Ja ich fande auch, dass die Bluse dazu geknotet richtig gut passt - und nebenbei auch super praktisch war, weil man nicht beim Reinstecken darauf achten musste, dass keine blöden Falten entstehen.

      xx Julia

  2. Love your outfit!

    Heather xx

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