If you follow the same kind of people on Instagram, it is likely that your Instagram is full of girls sitting at the beach or at the pool in Positano, Cinque Terre or Santorini. Is it possible to look at these pictures without feeling the urge to break out of your routine and just go somewhere for a couple of days?

 I don´t think so. For the last couple of years, I always went on a 2 week summer holiday either with my family or alone. This time around, I haven´t made any plans beforehand ( I only booked a short trip to Lisbon in October), so I would love to go somewhere in Europe for a couple of days. Positano is high up on my list, but also quite expensive. Therefore, I did some research and came up with a few cities in Europe to visit when you´re on a budget - just like myself.

Those of you who´ve been following my blog for a while might remember my trip to Valencia last year. I fell in love with the city, it´s architecture and food. I got a really cheap flight from Ryanair for only 15€ and hostels also start at 13€ which is really cheap. Valencia is also located at the Mediterranean Sea, so you could make it a beach holiday as well, but there is so much to see! I can wholeheartedly recommend you to go visit this city as it is still a bit of a hidden gem in Spain so there will only be limited amounts of tourists clogging the streets. Another perk of this city is, that you can easily explore everything by foot - so convenient!

Porto is located in the north of Portugal about 3 hours away from Lisbon. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, so there is a lot of history to discover. Since it is located on the Atlantic coast, you can perfectly combine relaxation and exploring when exploring the city in the morning and relaxing at the beach in the afternoon. Porto has been on my travel bucket list for about two years and it´s a pity, that I didn´t manage to plan a visit in this amazing city when I am going to Lisbon in October - but that doesn´t mean that you can't!

Apparently, Prague is supposed to be one of the cheapest capitals in Europe - obviously I had to include it in this post. With hostels starting at 9€, this city is amazing if you´re on a budget. The architecture in Prague is amazing because it hasn´t been destroyed during the second World War as much as many other European cities. The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the Charles Square are only few of the things you can visit in Prague, so what are you waiting for?

    Another city I have visited last year (on the same trip as Valencia) and fell in love with. Surpisingly, Barcelona is quite cheap as well (hostels start at 15€) and Transportation doesn´t cost much either. There is so much you can do in Barcelona - from a relaxing day at the Barceloneta beach, to the Sagrada Familia, Barri Gotic and El Born, there are so many things you can do (in my Barcelona Guide, I shared all of my tips). Also, if you´re a foodie like me, Barcelona will make your heart beat a bit faster because - let me tell you - it´s foodie heaven (see my best lunchspots here).

    I visited Croatia for the first time 2 years ago for a school trip and I fell in love with the country. Before, I´ve never really considered going on vacation to Croatia, but that has completely changed. I´ve never seen water as clear as in Croatia and there are beautiful cities to visit, too (see my Croatia Travel Post here). The walled city Dubrovnik is located at the Adriatic Sea and with it being a UNESCO world heritage city there is lots to discover from the pedestrian-only old town to Baroque churches to aristocratic palazzi - a beach isn´t missing either. Most of you might be familiar with the city because parts of Game of Thrones have been shot here - so go and explore King´s Landing on your own!

    Italy in general has so many amazing cities to offer - think Milan, Venice and Burano, Florence, Cinque Terre and Positano! I am dying to visit the latter two, but unfortunately, most of them are also quite expensive to visit - especially concerning accomodation. Often, hostels start at 30€ per night, which isn´t the cheapest. In Rome, however, hostels start at 15€ and I don´t think I have to get started on what you can do in Rome. The city is packed with history and has so much to offer. It defenitely is a city everybody should visit at least once in life.

    Have you been to any of these cities and have you been on summer vacation already? I would love to hear where you went!



    1. Wow. It is my dream to go to Rome with my husband to have some best time to spend there. Thanks for sharing the best ideas about other places too.
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      1. Rome is such a beautiful place and so much more than worth a visit! I hope you can make your dream become a reality soon!

        xx Julia

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      1. Thank you! I´m really glad you found it helpful because that was exactly what I was aiming for.

        xx Julia

    3. Wow! You visited so many places! I would love to travel there, too! Awesome post and photos! :)

      1. Oh yes, I am really fortunate that my parents always took me and my brother on a great summer vacation, so we got to visit quite a few cities in the past 10 years! All of these cities are defenitely worth a visit.

        xx Julia

    4. Love the tips!

      xo Jamie

    5. I totally agree with you that all the 6 destinations in Europe are really the places which every one would to visit once in life.
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    6. I love your photos!
      They inspire me and make me want to travel !


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