A few months ago, I discovered podcasts for myself. 

Especially when working on my own on the blog or editing photos, I like to have some "company" and I find that podcasts are perfect for that! While I still love listenting to my favorite playlist on Spotify, there is just some more value that podcasts add to my daily life and they are entertaining as well. So here I am, sharing 5 podcasts I love with you - they are a mix of lifestyle, career, fashion, interior, marketing. So there should be something for everyone!

This is one of the first podcasts I discovered and loved! In this podcast, the two fashion blogger Lisa Banholzer from BloggerBazaar and Masha from Masha Sedgwick talk about their everyday life and they also offer insights into the fashion industry. This podcast proves that fashion blogger can do much more than just fashion. The two talk about society, their problems and struggles, thoughts etc. When you want to escape your life for 40-50 minutes, this one is perfect! Unfortunately, it is only available in German. You can listen to it via iTunes and Soundcloud.

PARDON MY FRENCH by Garance Doré
Those of you who don't know Garance Doré are likely to have lived under a massive rock for the past years. She is one of the most successful fashion bloggers, but she also works as a photographer, illustrator and author (she published her bestselling book Love x Style x Life last year). In her Podcast "Pardon My French" (available on iTunes on on her blog) she interviews people she admires such as Michael Kors and Laura Brown. My favorite episode so far is defenitely the one where she talks to Isabel Marant and Caroline De Maigret! I just discovered the episode with Aimee Song, so I am going to listen to that one as soon as I finish writing this post!

AT HOME WITH... by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton 
I discovered both Lily and Anna (TheAnnaEdit) through their popular youtube channels 2 years ago and I love the content they create. The concept of their podcast "At Home With..." is that they visit people they admire in their homes  and talk about their lifes by taking a tour through their house. Lily and Anna have already interviewed people such as Madeleine Shaw, Terry De Gunzberg - founder of By Terry- and other successful ladies mainly from the beauty industry. But even as a beauty novice, I really enjoyed listenting to the episodes. They finished their first season (10 podcasts) 2 months ago and my favorite is defenitely the one where they visit Kate Johnson aka Kate La Vie - the goddess of interior! You can listen to their podcast via iTunes or Acast (where you can also see pictures of the homes as you go)

I was introduced to this podcast through TheAnnaEdit, because she mentioned this podcast in one of her blogposts. In this podcast, Guy Raz interviews innovators and entrepreneurs about the movements they built and how they became successful. In each episode, one of the world's best known companies and brands is introduced and Guy Raz talks through their failures, triumphs and insights. My favorite episodes so far are the ones where the founder of Airbnb and Toms shoes are interviewed. It is truly mindblowing to see how they built their businesses.

For all of you, who are interested in (digital) marketing, this is the podcast for you. Unfortunately, most episodes are in German, but some (for example the one with Casey Neistat) are in English. In this podcast, Philipp Westermeyer interviews Start-Up founder and marketing executives from popular companies about their work and strategies. I especially loved the episode where Leonie Hanne and Alex Galievsky from OhhCouture are interviewed, because they offer some great insights into the work of a blogger/influencer. But the guests vary from beauty and fashion to sports and lifestyle. You can listen to the podcast on soundcloud and iTunes

I would love to know which podcasts you like to listen to, because I am always on the lookout for new ones!



  1. I found your post really cool and interesting, thanks so much for sharing :)



  2. I've been on the hunt for a new podcast, so I'll definitely be giving yours a go. Such a shame the first one's only in German, it sounds so cool! I love listening to Ingrid Nilsen's podcast, I think it's called Ladies Who Lunch!

    Have a lovely day!
    xx Kris

    1. Yeah, it's really a shame, but maybe there is something similar out there in english, that I just haven't discovered yet?
      I haven't heard of Ingrids Podcast, but I will defenitely check it out!

      xx Julia


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