Something really exciting happened: I've launched my first print collection which you can shop from now on in my Etsy Shop

This might be quite a big surprise for most of you as I haven't been talking about it anywhere on Social Media, so I'll give you a little insight on the process and the collection itself in this post! Originally, I've created this collection for myself, in particular to hang them up in my room, but once I started, I had so many ideas in my head for more prints, that I thought other people might enjoy these little artworks, too! They are all available for download in my shop, which I personally find quite convenient (of course, because I don't need to pack up orders and bring them to the post office) but also, because 1) you can print them in whatever size you want and 2) you can print them out multiple times and giving them to friends as a nice present.


I love flowers and plants, but I am the worst when it comes to keeping them alive! And since my favorite blooms (peonies and cherry blossoms) are only available during a very limited time of the year, I started taking photographs of them, to document their beauty, trying out my new camera - and eventually hang them on the wall as a print.
When moving into my new home in Pforzheim, I wanted to hang up lots of prints and create a gallery wall, but I had a very limited budget. There are so many beautiful prints available on the internet and they are quite affordable as well, but with my creativity on the one hand and my limited budget on the other, I started to create my own prints - which I really enjoyed and was really affordable, too.
Fast forward to this year, the middle of july: I've just came home for my almost 3 month-long summer break and I wanted to do a little room makeover - which also involved getting some new prints! Since I've experimented a lot with shooting flowers and blooms with my camera in the past months, I scrolled through my floral archives and picked my favorites, edited them, added a personal touch through handlettering and splashes of color.
I am a big fan of the combination of hand/brushlettering and photography, which I also try to incorporate into my regular blogposts, but creating mixed media prints brings it to a whole new level.


While creating this print collection, I started out primarily thinking about which prints I would like to hang up and what fits with my room and interior since I didn't plan on selling them at the beginning. So of course, I love flowers, I love greenery, I love pink and typography. I've thrown all of these things together and that's what came out of it.
I challenged myself to try out new techniques (the Black Rose was created with black paper ripped apart and put into shape), but also keep some things simple (like the Peony Macro shot or the cherry blossoms).
What I love about this collection is that I connect certain memories to each of the prints. For example the print of the Cherry blossoms was taken in Munich while I was visiting the city with my family over the Easter weekend. I spotted this bright pink cherry blossom tree and stopped there for about 2 minutes before the rest of my family was bored and said we should continue our walk. Or the Peony Macro print was shot after finding some blush pink peonies at the supermarket for only 2€. I was the happiest kid that day! 


One thing I had in mind while creating the collection was how things would look together. I wanted to have a nice balance of prints you can pair with anything like the Black Rose print (which matches every single print of the collection) or the NewYork, Paris, Amsterdam, Paris Print (my favorite cities around the world) and others like the Peony Macro or Cherry Blossom Print that are quite a statement, but make a perfect match together with the others.
Below, I have put together a little collage to give you some inspo on how you can mix and match the prints!




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    1. Thanks so much!
      That means the world to me.

      xx Julia

  2. Congrats, that is so cool! I need to go check them out, they are gorgeous! XOXO


    1. Thanks so much!
      I am really glad you like the collection.

      xx Julia

  3. Wow. I can see a lot of thought was put into it, the collection really goes with you. Great job, hope it goes well :)



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