The end of October usually means that autumn is in full swing.

Although in the last week, we were lucky and got to enjoy sunshine at 22 degrees and spending time outside simply wearing a tee and denim jacket, but unfortunately, mother nature has different plans for us from now on. But let's be honest: I am looking forward to finally wearing my new blush pink coat and studded boots. For those of you, who haven't splurged on a new coat or boots, here is a little round-up about what's trending this autumn.

But always remember, it's all about finding the trends that fit you and your style and not about following every trend there is.


The trending colors this season are right up my street: Millenial Pink and Red! I've loved pink for years and this summer, red also made a reappearance in my closet. I already got myself the coziest red sweater in Lisbon! For those of you, who like more subtle colors, go for silver or burgundy (another favorite of mine).


Of course, checked blazers are the sh**t this autumn! We've already spotted them at the end of summer, but they are also perfect with a grey or white sweater. I am still thinking about hopping onto this trend, because I am not 100% sure it's "me". Other trends are: ruffles, feathers, floral prints and pearls (attached to clothes).


The trending fabrics this season are defenitely curdory, velvet and patent leather. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of any of these fabrics, but - although curdory always reminds me of my primary school days - I saw a really cool pink curdory denim jacket! But of course, leather and denim are always going to be there, too.


Let's talk all things shoes! One of the most popular shoe trends this season are sock boots inspired by the Balenciaga knife boots. They are not something for me, but studded boots and lace-up boots are also trending right now. Already got myself a pair of boots with studs, so I am good to go.

What are your favorite trends of the season? What is on your must-buy list?



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