I am Julia and I am the 20 year old smiley face behind "Tales Of Jules". Originally, I am from Trier, but since September 2016, I am studying Marketingcommunication and Advertising in Pforzheim.
After my high-school year in 2013 in Houston, during which I ran a blog to document my time abroad for my family and friends back home, I started “Fashion Rookie” to share my love for fashion and DIY projects with others. Over time, I became more mature, found interest in other topics which reflected itself in the topics on here as well.
After graduating from High School in March 2016, I relaunched the blog and ever since, I blog at “Tales Of Jules” about everything that I love and that inspires me such as travel, fashion, diy, beauty and delicious food.
I am always in a good mood, use too many Anglicisms, I can be enthusiastic about anything and I don´t take myself too seriously. Also, I have a weakness for anything pink and striped, from time to time, I am out of it, which results in me, being the last person to start laughing, but how do they say: Those who laugh last laugh longest!



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