The last few weeks have been quite stressful and full of stuff for uni (which is the reason for the lack of posts on here, lately). I have my first "exam" on tuesday that I had to prepare and study for, so I am really ready for the Christmas holidays. This year, it is really "going home for Christmas" and I am so looking forward to spending 2 entire weeks at home again. Even though I like my life in Pforzheim and I feel comfortable here, there is nothing like going home for the holidays!

 After killing my plant with too much water (yes, I actually managed to do that!), I am now sticking with cacti only! I now have a little cacti family spread around my room and I would really love to have a huge one for one corner of my room to add some more greenery. The only thing is, that 1m big cacti aren´t the cheapest in the world,  but maybe, I will treat me to one after christmas! Defenitely a unique present from me to me- haha.

Maybe you remember my Apartment Inspiration Post I shared a couple of months ago. A big gallery wall has been on my "To-Do" list ever since moving in, but it took me quite a while to get together most of the prints. I am still missing one picture, but as soon as I got that on the wall, I will show it to you in a post, because I am really happy about how it turned out!

So let´s talk about this pretty blouse! Right after Black Friday Sale when the Mid Season Sale at Zara started, I saw this blouse in the store for 40% off and it was love at first sight. Give me stripes and some flowers and I am all yours. Back in November, I unfortunately couldn´t find my size, but yesterday I got lucky and totally unexpectedly found my dream blouse in my size, 40% off and it fits like a glove!

I love flowers, but with a student budget, you don´t get to buy fresh roses every week, right? I opted for a much cheaper version by simply hanging some flower prints on the wall. This one of a protea, I actually made myself. I love drawing with watercolor and watching some series while doing it (I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls since the revival came out) and I love how it turned out and it perfectly matches my room and the dresser that it is currently sat on!

Ever since moving to Pforzheim and finding out about this cute Café (which was about 2 days apart), I´ve wanted to go to the Café Fräulein Orth. Yesterday, I finally find the time to go there with 3 friends to have a late breakfast. I loved yogurt with Granola and some berry sauce, but they also have lots of other amazing breakfast options and even more amazing cake. Defenitely worth a visit whenever you are in Pforzheim.



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