Long time - no see! It's been pretty much exactly 2 months since I published my last blogpost. Yep- you read that right. TWO. BLOODY. MONTHS. It's certainly been to long to simply start this blogpost and pretend this break never happended, so I though I'd explain a little, why there has been radio silence on here since the beginning of November!

Let's begin where this *not so little* break started: 

Back in summer, I used my two-months-long semester break to focus on the blog and I managed to post three posts a week for two months straight. After my summer job didn't turn out as expected, I used most of my time to finally create the content I've wanted to create but couldn't because of a lack of time, photographer or creativity. I remember talking to my brother one evening after finding out, that my summer job just got *more or less* canceled. I was devastated because I thought I'd go crazy when having nothing to do for almost two months straight. I showed him an example of the kind of blogposts I wanted to create and he just said: "Then, why don't you just do it? You clearly have the time now" - and I did. I loved getting up in the morning, having my to-do list ready and working for myself and getting creative - and I was determined to keep in that way once my semester break ended.

Once I got back from my Lisbon trip in early October, university life kicked in and I had loads of stuff to do. At the beginning, I was determined to continue posting at least two times a week, because I didn't want to ruin what I've achieved over the summer. However, with presentations, assignments and other work quickly piling up, I realized that my goal wasn't achievable - at least not without a massive lack of sleep. After spending the entire day at university, I was completely exhausted and all I wanted to do was to sit in my bed, watch netflix, eat dinner and go to sleep. I don't want to start complaining about my stressful life, because compared to others it's defenitely not, so I will keep things short for you.

Days turned into weeks, which turned into months 

- and now, at the end of my christmas break, three weeks before my exams begin, I find myself finally having the time / inspiration / motivation to write all of this down and finally getting back into it. Although, still, I don't know how things are going to evolve around here. From now on until late June, I got elected for the board of directors of an initiative from university, so I have no clue how much time I am going to have left after finishing both uni stuff and initiative stuff. Nevertheless, I will try my best, because I've really missed sharing my thoughts, ideas and get creative every once in a while - because that's what this space has always been: an outlet for my creativity, love for fashion and thoughts.

Now, we got that out of the way, it is finally time to talk about the outfit I am wearing in today's post!

I actually shot these pictures back in November, but obviously never came around sharing them. This outfit perfectly represents my uniform for this winter: my blush pink coat, a sweater, black jeans and white sneakers (although the latter have been replaced by some boots since shooting this outfit).

Those of you, who have been following me for a few years might remember my hunt for a blush pink coat. It's been on my wishlist since trying one on at Zara in 2014 - yep, not kidding! For some absurd reason, I didn't buy the damn coat and I've regretted it deeply because for the following 3 years, I've been on the lookout for a blush pink coat that would tick all the boxes - and this one did! The color is perfect, the cut is a bit oversized, so I have enough room for loads of layers and it also keeps me surprisingly warm. This coat is defenitely my best purchase of the season, because I've worn it so much - mainly with black jeans, any kind of sweater (even worn pink on pink) and either my boots or these beloved sneakers that I wear endlessly.

Another purchase I made around the same time as the coat is this grey turtleneck sweater - the only thing I might have worn even more often than the coat and probably too many times without giving it a wash. It's super cozy, the turtleneck keeps you warm and I simply love the fit of it.

And the sneakers - oh well! It's love.

I've bought them over a year ago and I have worn them loads. Even on mild winter days, I wear them a lot, because they are super comfortable (I can walk around in them all day - I roadtested them in Munich and Lisbon!), they are fair fashion and as they are made out of leather, they also keep my feet a bit warm. I can totally recommend them and would 100% purchase them again. As you can tell, I really love this outfit and all the pieces involved!

Since this post is already long enough, I won't talk about my year 2017 just like everybody else did! Nevertheless, I really hope you had an amazing Christmas time with your beloved ones and you had a great time celebrating New Year's Eve - I surely did.

Lots of love, Julia

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