In the last couple of years, my shopping habits have changed completely. 

Especially during my teenage years (age 154-16) I would come home from a shopping day with bags and bags filled with clothes from H&M and the likes. I didn't really pay a lot of attention to quality and I made a lot of impulse purchases that ended up as mispurchases.
I think shortly after starting to work on the weekends in a restaurant when I was 16 and therefore using my own money to pay for my shopping trips, I started to think more about the purchases I made and whether I really want to invest my money in a pink mini-skirt.
Especially since starting university last year and not having a side job, I developed a pattern of really thinking about my shopping behavior and purchases. I rarely make impulse purchases and therefore managed to cut down my mispurchases a lot! Writing down a wishlist at the beginning of each season really helped me to figure out what I am lacking in my closet and where I want to spend my money on. However, that's not the only way of making "better" purchases. I also have a list of questions in the back of my head, that I ask myself whenever I want to buy a new piece of clothing!

  • Will I wear it today and tomorrow? 

  • Have I ever had something similar in my wardrobe and how were my experiences with it?

  • Can I think of at least 5 outfits featuring the object of desire right away only featuring clothes I already own?

  • Is it something I've been craving/pinning/saving on Instagram?

  • How is the quality? Will it last longer than 5 washes?

  • Is the piece perfect or do I have some complaints about it?

  • Does it make me happy? 

So there you go: I've spilled all of my secrets when it comes to making investment purchases (or any purchase really).
I personally think one of the most important aspects is that you can think of 5 ways to combine your object of desire off the top of your head. Because then you'll know, that you are going to get your wear out of it! But also, don't underestimate the last question: Does it make me happy? Because let's be honest, what's the whole point of buying something, when it doesn't make you happy?

Do you have similar ways of deciding on purchasing something or do you just trust your gut and whip out your credit card?



  1. looking great hun!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎


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