Back in november, I did a post on my autumn and winter essentials, which you guys really liked. With spring being in full bloom currently, I thought it was time to share my spring essentials with you along with a few trends that I really like this season. Let´s get started ....



denim jacket: this is a no-brainer and an ultimative basic in any wardrobe. No more words needed!
a light bomberjacket: over the last year, I turned into a bomberjacket lover! I love my blush pink number from last year (seen here), but the florally embroidered one I picked up some weeks ago also get loads of wear.
striped blouse: great with a pair of denim shorts, white jeans for a nautical look, or anything really. I found the perfect one with some floral embroidery on at Zara. 
white camisole top: this might as well be a "all year´round" staple, but especially for summer, a white camisole top or a light blouse is so versatile and effortless, yet stylish


espadrilles: the perfect comfy spring and summer shoe when you want something light on your feet but it´s too cold for sandals (or you´re not into sandals). I love Toms Shoes for espradrilles (just ordered a white lace pair) also, because of their "One for One" policy where they donate one pair to a child in need for each pair purchased

colorful bag: a rather neutral outfit in black, grey or denim with a colorful bag such as blush pink or bright red is right up my street. Go for a color that fits your style. When you´re not into colors, maybe try a very light colored one (maybe a pastel one?) or a small one, that doesn´t look too overpowering

I am not a person to dress in trends from head-to-toe, however, this season, I found some trends, that I really like and want to incorporate in my day-to-day outfits...


floral embroidery: this has to be my favorite and it is all over the place! From blouses, to jackets, to pants and shoes - there is something for everyone! As mentioned above, I got my hands on an embroidered bomberjacket, but I also love my self-embroidered jeans.

blush pink and red: when there is such a thing as trend colors, these two would be them. Now, I´ve been wearing blush pink for ages, but I feel like this season, it´s all over. Same for red! I see red accessoires on my Insta feed all the time and I´d love to get a white and red printed tee which leads us to the next trend....

printed tees: I am quite picky when it comes to printed tees, because I want the slogan to be a good one, one that I can relate to and defenitely not something like "Hate at first sight" which I saw a couple of months ago. Still on the hunt for a good one, but the options are endless



  1. Ich liebe deine Teile! Besonders gerne trage ich auch Bomberjacken und die Farbe rose :)
    Eine Frage, wie heißt die Schrift von "what to buy this spring"?
    Hab schöne Ostertage,
    Alles Liebe,

    ceyourgoals by Celine


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