I know, I know. It´s only the middle of August and I am already talking about autumn. But let´s be honest: the weather last week was absolutely crap with 15 degrees and rain, so I think it´s only natural to be craving for some transitional pieces. Of course, I am still hoping that we get a late summer in Germany (because summer has been crap so far!), but at the same time, I always like to prepare early for the new season! Because usually by the time autumn temperatures come around (in the middle of October) all the good stuff is gone. However, although I am on the lookout for some new boots, everything else in this post is not "autumn-only" - imagine the blazer together with a white tee and denim cut-offs and with the lemon print, the t-shirt defenitely spreads summer vibes.

ASOS sculp-me jeans: For the last two years, I´ve been loving my black Cheap Monday jeans. Since they became a little bit thin in the crotch area, I ordered the same pair again in my usual size - because I loved them so much. When they arrived, the size 31 I ordered looked like a 26 and I couldn´t even get them over my foot - such a bummer! Now I am still looking for a new pair and I am about to order these sculp-me jeans from Asos. I spotted them on Vicky Heiler and they look amazing on her, so I hope they look the same on me.

MISS SELFRIDGE check blazer: I´ve never been very fond of both blazers and a checked pattern and especially not both together. I always thought that both were to elegant for me and just not my cup of tea. That has completely changed when I walked into Zara a few months back when I spotted the most amazing checked blazer. It fit like a glove and I felt great in it, however, I wasn´t sure whether it fits my style. I am sure you all know which one I am talking about, because I saw it afterwards on lots of other bloggers such as Michèle. I am still bummed that I didn´t get my hands on it, but this one looks pretty amazing, too!

CHLOE faye bag: 
Now, of course, I am not going to buy myself a Chloé bag (or any designer bag) in the near future - I´d have to win the lottery before! - but in the last couple of months, this bag really grew on me. I guess that´s because there is a massive gap for this kind of bagstyle in my wardrobe. I have one big black bag which holds quite a lot, but at the same time, it looks really casual and doesn´t do anything for the outfit. With this one however, I fell like it adds something elegant and effortless to any look while still fitting a decent amount of stuff. I´ve been looking for some dupes on the hightstreet (find them here and here), but I haven´t gotten around to order one. 

EDITED lemon tee:  
I think we´ve probably all seen this t-shirt on several German bloggers, but with my recent developed love for yellow (I already talked about it here and here), I feel like I need this tshirt in my closet now. It would make the perfect outfit together with my yellow blazer and black skinny jeans. Don´t you think? It´s also on sale right now!

BRONX studded boots:  
Another Chloé (inspired) piece! I don´t know what it is with me and Chloé pieces at the moment, but I´ve loved these boots for literally 5 years now. Once again, I won´t be ordering the real deal any time soon - only when said lottery win happens - but these Bronx ones look amazing as well. Since most of my autumn and winter outfits are quite basic, I think these will add some excitement to a basic outfit consisting of skinny jeans and chunky knitwear. Defenitely ordering them once they get back in stock in my size!

Which transitional pieces are you craving right now? 



  1. haha die schuhe und auch die tasche besitze ich schon :) was mir aber fehlt ist so ein blazer mit dem karo muster :)
    glg katy

    1. Du Glückliche! Ich bin gerade kurz davor die Boots zu bestellen - Ende August vielleicht etwas früh, aber who cares?!


  2. Hallo Liebes :)
    Richtig coole Teile - besonders die Boots von Bronx. Echte eine gute Alternative zu den Chloé Boots <3

    Liebe Grüße, Caro :*

    1. Dankeschön! Ja die Bronx Boots sind echt super!

      xx Julia


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