Dear plissee culottes, 

you saved my life this summer! You were the perfect bottoms to wear on a warm summer's day, when I couldn't be bothered to sit on wooden chairs for the entire day at uni with denim shorts on - am I the only one who is not a big fan of that? Anyways, I still remember when I bought you at H&M back in may: I wasn't sure whether you are that flattering and whether I will actually wear you, because you are unlike anything I have owned before. But after getting quite a few compliments on the first day I was wearing you, those doubts were blown away and I've worn you relentlessy (although this is only the second outfit post). Especially during exam time, you were my best friend for sitting in the library the entire day, because you are just as comfy as sweatpants or pyjamas, but look so much better! After falling in love with you, I tried really hard to find you some friends aka more culottes in different colors, but unfortunately, I didn't succeed and you stayed lonely in my closet - sorry about that! With the temperatures dropping, I will have to pack you into my "summer box" soon, but I will defenitely wear you one last time this year in lisbon, before hopefully seeing you again next year.

In love, Julia

H&M culottes (similar)
PATRIZIA PEPE bag (similar)



  1. Your Culottes are fantastic and you have styled them so cool.
    Have an awesome day.

    Love, Esther

    1. Thanks so much! I absolutely love them, too!

      xx Julia

  2. This jacket looks so beautiful on you!

  3. Oh my gosh, the chairs! There is a beer and cheese shop in my town with sidewalk seating and I LOVE the food and I LOVE sitting outside overlooking the marina but I DON'T cuz those chairs are the worst! In the nice weather I'm always wearing dresses and the chair edge cuts into the backs of my thighs. UGH.

    But these culottes are darling on you. I bought a pair of Tencel ones mid-summer, LOVE the way they feel, but also think they look weird on me, I'm short and heavy and these do me no favors. So I put them back in the shipping bag to return them...and they sat on my desk for a month as I just couldn't bear to send them away! Just the other day I brought them back into the bedroom and...after seeing this, I think I'm going to keep them! They just FEEL so good on! Who cares if someone else thinks they're not flattering! *I* like them! Thanks for the inspiration!

    This is my first time here, I followed you from a comment on Lizzie Hadfield's blog...and I'll definitely check you out again!


    1. Sitting outside, eating some delicious food sounds amazing, but when the chairs cut into the back of your thighs, that sounds horrible.

      Thanks so much! I am quite lucky with my hight (I am 5 ft 6) but I think when you really love them, just embrace them - even if they are not the most flattering thing in the world.
      So nice to hear that you'll come back. Made my day!

      xx Julia


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