Sping has Sprung

blouse: Zara, cardigan: s.Oliver, pants: Hollister, shoes: Converse, watch: Michael Kors, purse: Nica via Topshop

Remember when I showed you this blouse in a Haul Post a while ago ?
At the beginning I had some difficulties styling this blouse, but then I found this pink cardigan in my mom´s closet which matches the blouse perfectly, I believe and I think the outfit is perfect for spring.
As I told you in my last post , I wanted to visit my old high school on monday. Actually, I ended up meeting a friend and going shopping a little bit. I bought such a comfortable striped tshirt ( surprise, surprise - so typical Julia ) .
So yesterday , I went to my old high school and it was so great seeing all my classmates and teachers from last year.
Today I will go shopping to my favorite place EVER . It´s a huge mall in Houston, the Galleria. You can find everything there. From High End stores like Chanel and Prada to Forever 21.
Are you interested at a Shopping Haul Post about the stuff I got in the states ?
Tomorrow and Friday, I will go to New Orleans with my hostmom, so I´m really excited and I hope that I can share some pictures from there.
Have a great day ! 



  1. I like this lovely floral shirt

    1. Thanks my dear ! I love it , too :)

      xx Julia

  2. I love your blouse. Very spring-ish!


    1. Thank you !
      I think it´s perfect for spring.
      Have a great weekend.


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