Hello May! With the beginning of a new month, I thought it would be a good idea, to do a little trip down memory lane and think about some highlights of the past month! April started quite relaxed with a sunny Saturday spent in the park and amazing food with friends and ended with bowling and going out with my girls at home. Let´s see what happend in between. 
On another note: I can´t believe we are almost half through this year - where did the time go?

Going to Munich over Easter with my family: In case you follow me on Instagram, you might know, that I went to Munich over Easter together my family. I´ve wanted to go to Munich since forever, as I´ve only been there once as a little child (and the only thing I remember is the Olympia Park). The city itself is beautiful and spending some quality time with my family and eating delicious food was amazing. By the way, there is soon going to be post about my Munich tips as well.

Seeing my best friend again after 7 months apart: This one is probably my number 1 highlight! My best friend went on a world trip for 7 months after graduation and she´s finally back in town. After 7 months talking and laughing on the phone and texting on Whats app with a constant time difference up to 13 hours, seeing her in person again and talking 6 hours straight (only going home because it was 11:30 pm and I had to work the next day) was amazing and so much fun. 

Spring finally decided to show up: Sometimes, all it takes to make me happy is some sunshine, beautiful flowers and blossoms on the trees and 20 degrees outside. After lots of rain and cold, sitting in the park with some friends next to some blooming magnolia trees, enjoying the sunshine with some ice-cream on a weekend is pure bliss. Often, it´s the little things that makes us the happiest.

Spending an evening my girls bowling and going out: Last weekend, I was at home at my parents and of course, meeting my girls at home is always on the agenda when I am back in town. We originally wanted to play lasertag, but opted for bowling instead since 2 of us were a little bit sick. Although I am the world´s worst bowling player ever, it was a blast and going out later that night, dancing, singing and laughing to 80s and 90s music along with 2 of my best friends was so much fun. 

I´d love to know your highlights of the past month. Let me know, in the comments!



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