To me, the first of september always marks the end of the summer. 

For a lot of people, the first of september usually is associated with going back to school or starting an apprenticeship. While we will hopefully still get some sunny days in september that will allow us to go out bare legged, I have to admit that I am looking forward to autumn - mainly because of fashion and getting dressed.
While I naturally love summer because it´s my birthday in June, I am not the biggest fan of getting dressed in the summer, because there are only so many combinations you can wear with denim shorts and a t-shirts. Also, I am usually the palest person on the block, so getting my legs out is not something I am really looking forward to. However, in fall, we can all layer up with cozy knitwear, wear leatherjackets and boots, while it´s still not too cold for converse. I love those transitional days, because you can really make use of all the pieces of your wardrobe.
In preparation for this post, I´ve spent a bit more time on Pinterest than usual and as you can already guess from looking at the pictures I have a massive crush on Lucy Williams` style! I think I must have been living under a massive rock for the last couple of years, that I haven´t discovered her before. But after reading Anna from TheAnnaEdit rambling about her amazing style, I had to see what the fuss is all about - so yesterday, I spent a good couple of hours reading back her blog to 2015 and admiring her amazing style. The way she styles denim so effortlessly is just amazing and thanks to her, I am now looking into adding some nude or cream knitwear into my wardrobe - something I´ve never considered for the last couple of years.
Another huge inspiration is Lizzy Hadfield from Shotfromthestreet. I've been following her for almost two years already and I love her style - she also shoots a lot of outfits on a film camera which is such a unique take on a normal outfit post, so I defenitely recommend checking out her blog as well. 

So after all this rambling, what do I see me wearing a lot this autumn?

After showing you a pair of studded boots from Bronx similar to the Chloé Susanna boots in my Transitional Cravings post, I ordered them and they arrived last week. My parents are not the biggest fan of them because, let´s be honest, the studs are quite prominent, but I love them. They can totally transform a boring outfit - or at least that's what I hope they´ll do. Apart from these boots, I am still massively into red and I will defenitely try to get my hands on some cozy chunky red knitwear - perfect with either dark denim or black skinny jeans and boots. 
Also, I still haven´t given up the search for a blush pink coat. I´ve been looking for one for literally 4 years, but somehow, I haven´t found the perfect one yet - although my expectations aren´t even that high. But since coats usually come with a bigger price tag, that´s defenitely not on top of my list. 
As mentioned before, another thing that I find really inspiring at the moment is cream knitwear. Not something I´ve worn in the last, let´s say, 5 years, but I imagine it to look amazing with the gold studded boots, some gold accessoires and fake leather pants!

Can you tell I love Lucy Williams' outfit where she is sporting a skinny white knit under a black cami top with some vintage denim? I fell head over heels for this outfit when spotting it on pinterest yesterday. Good thing the only thing I am missing is a skinny fitted white knit, so that´s defenitely on my list.
In my cravings post, I´ve also talked about checked blazers and those are defenitely a massive trend this autumn. I am still not sure whether that trend is made for me, but I love how it looks on other people.
Going with the entire cream knitwear thing, I am also seriously considering getting a tan or beige bag. The way it looks with black, gold and white just makes me want to have one in my closet right away!

What´s on my wishlist? 

For more autumn style inspiration, feel free to check out my FALL FASHION pinterest board
Now, I would love to know what you plan on wearing this autumn!
pictures via: Bikinis&Passports, TheDailyDose, FashionMeKnow (1,2,3,4,5), Shotfromthestreet (1,2) Polienne, Teetharejade, CollageVintage (1,2,3), Jasmine Dowling, Atlantic Pacific, FashionClue, FeelGlory, VivaLuxury,



  1. wow sehr tolle inspirationen :) ich mag zwar den sommer sehr sehr gerne u vermisse ihn auch schon (heute ist es kalt) aber modetechnisch ist der herbst schon sehr top!
    glg katy


    1. Dankeschön!
      Ja genau so geht es mir auch. Im Herbst kann man einfach sein gesamtes Repertoire ausschöpfen was Mode angeht.

      xx Julia

  2. You look stylish and great! Marvellous!

  3. Eine super schöne Zusammenstellung! Mir ging das mit dem Herbstanfang und den plötzlich kalten Temperaturen zwar etwas zu schnell, aber ich freue mich schon sehr auf die ganzen Herbstmode!

    Liebe Grüße
    Luisa | Sparkly Inspiration

    1. Dankeschön!
      Ja das stimmt, etwas plötzlich kamen die kalten Temperaturen schon - Dienstags noch 30 Grad und Sonne und Freitags warens nur noch 18 und Regen. Aber die Herbstmode macht die Umstellung ja zum Glück recht einfach.

      xx Julia

  4. enjoy reading ur post
    thanks for sharing

    visit mine?
    Anak Super

  5. Love the photos! Great post!


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