I've already talked about how I always associate September with the beginning of fall - and it seams like the weather god agrees with me!

Because when we ventured out on the weekend to shoot this outfit, the thermometer greeted us with only 15 degrees! Although it was a bit chilly in the beginning with just a blouse on the top, the sun came out quite quickly and then - as it turned out - this outfit was the perfect mix of summer (the white flowy blouse) and autumn (the black skinny jeans and boots) but also feminine and masculine. The blush pink bag, which also incorporates both feminine (the color) and masculine (the studs) aspects, really pulls together the whole look, don't you think?
Those of you, who have read my Transitional Cravings Post know that I've been eyeing up these studded boots from Bronx. They look really similar to the Chloé Susanna boots, that I've loved since about 2012 when I first started reading blogs, but since I won't be able to spend 1000€ on a pair shoes anytime soon, I decided to just go ahead and order these. Usually, I don't want to support designer dupes, but in the end, everything we can see on the high street is somehow influenced by some designer - and of course 120€ is much more affordable than 950€.
I absolutely love them and I can already promise that you will see them loads this autumn and winter!

What is your opinion on designer dupes and how do you like this outfit?

CHEAP MONDAY jeans (similar)
DIY blouse  (similar)
DIY bag (similar)



  1. The bell sleeves are super cute. Love your edgy boots A LOT :D


    1. Thank you my dear!
      I love the boots so much, too. They make a simple outfit so much more exciting.

      xx Julia

  2. nice look

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    Anak Super

  3. I generally don't like to buy something that looks like the original version too much. But, at the same time, I see some alternative version that are even much better and cuter than the original ones!! With a much affordable price! so why not?!

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